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People, figure, portrait

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Cartoon drawings: Ink

plein air paintercats cartoon

in another lifetimeriding bicycle

absence-9-3-2008-5-15-16-pm houtoediehek-3-13-2009-3-34-11-pmrainsong-5-27-2008-8-25-49-pm

scammedSarah is 50-1goodbye

Figure sketches: different media

figuredr5-15-mar-08-4-03-45-pm.jpg figurede2-15-mar-08-4-01-24-pm.jpg figuredr3-15-mar-08-4-02-13-pm.jpg firguredr4-15-mar-08-4-03-14-pm.jpg

fig1-19-jan-08-10-52-10-am.jpg fig2-19-jan-08-10-53-08-am.jpg fig4-19-jan-08-10-55-12-am.jpg figuredr1-15-mar-08-4-00-36-pm.jpg

fig8-19-jan-08-10-58-57-am.jpg fig7-19-jan-08-10-58-25-am.jpg fig9-19-jan-08-10-59-49-am.jpg dsc_0018-4.jpg

dsc_0016-2.jpg dsc_0004.jpg dsc_0013-4.jpg dsc_0020-4.jpg

dsc_0011-6.jpg dsc_0012-5.jpg dsc_0008-9.jpg dsc_0009-3.jpg

_scan10008.jpg _scan10010.jpg _scan10006.jpg _scan10004.jpg

Portraits: drawings and paintings: different media

martin.jpg martin-1.jpg dsc_0006-4.jpg _scan10103.JPG

dsc_0005-2.jpg dsc_0019.jpg _scan10046.jpg

dsc_0003-5.jpg dsc_0026-2.jpg dsc_0008-4.jpg

People sketches: different media

fisherman by Loirevernou-ballade3faces in bistro2faces in bistro1people in the summer sun 2people in the summer sun

_scan101161.jpg _scan10107.jpg twomen1.jpg

dsc_0040-1.jpg dsc_0046-1.jpg dsc_0036-1.jpg boy.jpg

dsc_0001.jpg dsc_0001-2.jpg dsc_0003-2.jpg_scan10047.jpg

dsc_0019-2.jpgdsc_0001-12.jpg dsc_0004-6.jpg dsc_0005-9.jpg

dsc_0010-6.jpg dsc_0006-3.jpg dsc_0008-7.jpg

dsc_0013-3.jpg dsc_0015-3.jpg dsc_0016-1.jpgdsc_0017-4.jpg

dsc_0018-3.jpg dsc_0020-3.jpg dsc_0021-2.jpg_scan10079.jpg

_scan10060.jpg _scan10061.jpg _scan10062.jpg _scan10063.jpg

dsc_0035-1.jpg dsc_0028-3.jpg dsc_0027-2.jpg

dsc_0002-2.jpg dsc_0003-6.jpg dsc_0007-3.jpg

fishing.jpg man2.jpg eating.jpgback2.JPG

3 responses

  1. maryam


    March 22, 2012 at 8:45 am

  2. Hi. I’m 65 and been drawing all my life but never seemed to find a direction. Anyway your sketches are my life and a joy to look at.thank you and regards for the future.

    November 23, 2012 at 5:24 pm

  3. Geoff..thank you! I think just the fact that you keep drawing already puts you in a definite direction. You are luckier than many people who know where they want to go, but can’t or don’t know how to get there..Keep drawing!

    November 27, 2012 at 2:56 pm

Tthank you for your visit and comment, II appreciate it!

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